Casino Events

Here at Missy Cochran Entertainment if we have one specialty that separates us from the rest it is Casino Marketing Events. Being born and raised in Las Vegas, Missy Cochran has watched this town go from a few large casinos like The Stardust and The Frontier to a 5 mile long road full of the best casinos and hotels that the world has to offer. You don’t watch this type of growth happen without being aware of what this industry does, how it operates, and how it succeeds. Let Missy and her staff create the most profitable and unique marketing experiences for your guests. Whether it is an emcee at a casino tournament, models at a luxury event, or entertainment at a “whale’s” birthday party… we will make sure your casino guests are treated like Kings and Queens. They will always remember the unique experiences you provide them and return to your property. We will help you create and provide the brand loyalty you are seeking.