Looking for the perfect band… look no further… pop, top 40, disco, country, 80’s, karaoke, classic rock, 90’s, 50’s, cover bands, original artists, and so much more… Need a three piece jazz trio or a 18 piece orchestra? We got you covered. We offer all types of bands to choose from to fit all of your event requests.

One of our specialties is DJ / musician fusions… Live Elements we like to call it… want the non-stop continuous music of a dj but want the live element of a saxophone and a bass guitar… we got the perfect trio. Ever seen a dj, female vocalist, saxophone trio?

We got the perfect one… Let our unique musicians entertain your next group.

Need a soloist? Piano, violin, guitar, or any other solo act… we got that

Mariachis? Someone to sing a National Anthem? Hot group of blond violin girls?

You name it, we got it to delight your ears!!!